Sports Wax and Dispenser

Sports Wax and Dispenser

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Check out the banana-scented sports wax bar. It's new and made specifically for large flat surfaces like surfboards, snowboards, and skis. When I'm not on the ice, I'm on snow. They are a waxy banana bonanza treasure and are sealant protection perfection. And yes, I probably have the most extensive collection of sports wax scents and shapes, but I find it relaxing to create them all in my hockey laboratory.

Does your pro shop offer Hockey Joe products? Look for the Hockey Joe tape and the new wax dispenser at your rink. It just might be there already. If not, ask your pro shop about Hockey Joe and get that heavy, soggy big-box toothless tape of your stick. It's dragging you around. It is. I don't know when that stuff became the norm. But, when you hear something marketed as best in the world, it's not. Besides, dental care is no laughing matter =). Give my tape a shot. It's not too heavy, not too light. It's just right. It's woven perfection, and it's what I use. And don't forget the shin pad tape. That's elasticized perfection.

Get signed up for the newsletter at the bottom. I need more emails. I won't spam your inbox. And again, look for the Hockey Joe tape and wax dispenser at your rink and switch to Hockey Joe this season. More to come later but until then, get that shot. Or don't =/. I appreciated my free one. By the way, I make these, and I put them out there at a meager price. The hospitality industry I usually sell to was not very hospitable. Web Acrylics is a Hockey Joe company and 100% made in the USA.

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