About Hockey Joe

I’m Hockey Joe, and I run Hockeyjoe.com with team member Hockey Jane. More on her later. You won’t want to miss that! I have a lengthy background in manufacturing. I’m an exceptionally talented mold maker and acrylic fabricator, and of course, a lifelong hockey player on the side.

Hockey Joe brand products bring together the finest materials and designs to create something exceptional. We believe in quality, attention to detail, and creating unique products that every hockey player or fan can enjoy. Each product is original and represents what we love about hockey and the season.

There are a few misconceptions about product quality, and not just about hockey tape but in general. First, it’s not about “made in.” It’s about “made by who.” I have the unique opportunity to buy hockey accessories in all parts of the world and source the best quality in my travels. A quality product is not exclusive to one part of the world but is found everywhere and made by all types of skilled individuals trying to make a living.

As some of you already know, I travel the world, and I meet many different players and fans of all nationalities, genders, and cultures. And not to mention an immense increase in womens’ hockey in the last few years. In my opinion, thanks to the USA women’s Olympic hockey team and their gold medal win in 2018 against Canada! Hockey is truly a worldwide sport played by all types and in all corners of the Earth.

I haven’t forgotten about Hockey Jane! Keep an eye on the blog for more on her. Hockeyjane.com is also coming soon. She is known as Fast Lane Hockey Jane around here because she’s known for one thing: she always plays in the fast lane!

As I have mentioned, I fabricate some of the finest handmade acrylic products around. In addition to Hockeyjoe.com, I operate several other websites for various industries.