One type of tape doesn't fit everyone—some like thin, some like thick. I personally like thin, really sticky tape and a massive amount of stick wax, but that's me. When I initially started selling hockey tape (lowcosthockeytape.com, local ice rinks), that was the only option I sold. Since then and a move to HockeyJoe.com, I have added thicker tape to my lineup.

So is your stick feeling anchored down from all those big brands and the so-called world's greatest tape on the market? Try Hockey Joe's premium pro cloth tape. It's just the right thickness, highly durable, and made with plenty of adhesive for less frequent taping. Want something even lighter? Try Hockey Joe's low-cost, lightweight cloth tape.

So what's been my most sold type? It's been about 50/50. Either way, don't think too hard about it—just tape and play. Your mind should be on the game. There are a lot of top brands online that do nothing but overhype their tape brand. Don't let them confuse the game more than it has to. Back when I played competitively, you used whatever was in the locker room =)

Let's summarize. Why switch to the Hockey Joe brand from all the so-called best hockey tape brands?

  1. Hockey Joe's premium tape is not too heavy, not too light. It's just right.
  2. Stop anchoring your stick from soggy, heavy big-box and toothless brand tapes.
  3. When you repeatedly see something marketed as the best, it's not. And do they ever.
  4. And last but not least. Dental care, it's no laughing matter. Avoid tooth loss.

And to my repeat customers, you have been very generous, and I appreciate the advice and orders for the past couple of years. I always return emails, so please feel free to message me. Thank you, Hockey Joe.

Hockey Joe knows hockey tape.