Hey there, hockey aficionados! We at Hockey Joe know that tape preferences are as diverse as the players themselves. Some crave a thin, ultra-sticky tape, while others opt for a thicker variety. Yours truly, Hockey Joe, is a fan of thin, super-sticky tape and a hearty helping of stick wax, but that's just my style.

Once upon a time, when I began selling hockey tape (lowcosthockeytape.com, local ice rinks), there was only one option to offer. But like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we've evolved! Welcome to the revamped HockeyJoe.com, where our lineup caters to all your tape needs.

Tired of being bogged down by those big brand tapes claiming to be the world's best? Introducing Hockey Joe's premium pro cloth hockey tape! With the ideal thickness, superb durability, and ample adhesive, you'll spend less time taping up and more time ruling the rink. Looking for something even lighter? Try our low-cost, lightweight cloth tape.

When it comes to our top sellers, the split is pretty even. But don't let that overwhelm you—just tape up and get in the game. Your focus should be on the action, not on some overhyped brand trying to confuse you. After all, back in my competitive days, we used whatever tape was lying around in the locker room!

So, what makes Hockey Joe's tape worth the switch? Let's break it down:

  1. Our premium hockey tape is the ultimate sweet spot—not too heavy, not too light, but just right.
  2. Bid farewell to soggy, cumbersome big-box brand tapes.
  3. If a brand keeps bragging about being the best, it's likely overcompensating.

    To our cherished customers, a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support, valuable advice, and orders throughout the years. I'm always here to chat, so feel free to shoot me an email. Yours in hockey, Hockey Joe.

    Just remember, friends: When it comes to hockey tape, Hockey Joe's got your back!