Look For Hockey Joe's Tape Dispenser At Your Rink

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hockey tape dispenser by Hockey Joe
Look for the Hockey Joe stick tape dispenser at a pro shop or rink near you. Don't see one? Then, tell your pro shop to contact Hockey Joe and get one! Are the so-called world's best stick tapes making your stick feel like a wet dog on the ice and dragging you along? Hockey Joe's tape is not too heavy, not too light. It's just right.

When did heavy, soggy tape like a wet dog become the norm? Get that toothless big-box stuff off your stick and switch to Hockey Joe! Are you not seeing a Hockey Joe tape dispenser at your rink? Then order online, we ship faster than the speed of ice and with a fast delivery service. Hockey Joe's hockey accessories make a great gift under the tree or in your stockings this holiday season to bring in the new year.

Are you a hockey equipment retailer and would like to add Hockey Joe's free tape dispenser inside your establishment? Please browse here for more information and how to contact Hockey Joe. We are an extremely motivated small group of people here and would love the opportunity to work with you.

Make the switch to Hockey Joe today! Hockey Joe knows hockey.

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