New Hockey Wax Dispenser

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hockey wax dispenser

Ask your pro shop about Hockey Joe. Order online or look for the Hockey Joe tape and our new hockey wax dispenser at a rink or retailer near you. Make the switch from soggy and heavy big-box toothless tapes to Hockey Joes. It's not too heavy, not too light. It's just right. And besides, dental care is no laughing matter. Avoid tooth loss and skate with your head up. Enjoy the game. It's no fun gasping for air after being on the receiving end of a well-placed open-ice check. There's always someone looking to give you a good reminder of that. It's no pond hockey when playing competitively.

And speaking of pond hockey, haven't you noticed an increase in all the pond hockey posing going on from all those big-box brands. Who has their own go-to pond for a game of hockey? Probably very few. I guess they're looking for that perfect pond pose. I would love my own pond for an early morning skate. Or maybe for some early morning pond posing for Hockey Joe? Here at Hockey Joe, we are all players that are not particularly poser-worthy, although some are. =D

If you're looking for a pond poser, please get in touch at

Pond Hockey

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from everyone here at Hockey Joe.

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