Put Some Hockey Joe Under The Tree

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Christmas is approaching faster than Hockey Joe's speed of ice shipping! So order today and put some Hockey Joe under your tree, along with your cat! We put together a box of hockey player essentials you can't play without and never have enough of. And it's currently on sale at a great price. The Hockey Joe gift box comes in a shiny red bow box, and no wrapping is necessary! If you're bad at that kind of thing.

Gift box contains:
(3 rolls) premium black cloth hockey stick tape
(3 rolls) premium white cloth hockey stick tape
(3 rolls) shin pad tape
(1) cherry scent hockey stick wax
(1) banana scent hockey stick wax
(1) mini Joe hockey stick wax
(1) tape scissors

Now is the perfect time to switch to Hockey Joe for all your player essentials. Don't wait. Order today and receive it in as little as 2-3 days by a fast delivery service.

Make it a Hockey Joe season! Hockey Joe knows gifts.

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