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Ice Hockey is a unique game that sets itself apart from others. It takes an incredibly motivated person to learn to play hockey starting at a young age and slowly build the skills necessary to play competitively (or for fun). We do all end up in a senior retirement league, after all. There's no messing around with our hockey tape, wax, and hockey accessories here at Hockey Joe. We take our products and the game seriously, and you'll see the results after switching to Hockey Joe. Hockey Joe only sells what he uses and is highly motivated with hockey and has big dreams of providing it to you in every rink. Keep an eye out for the Hockey Joe brand line of products at a rink near you.

A holiday season reminder, fill your cart with only $29 worth and get FREE shipping. We will ship out your order the same day or the next by a fast delivery service. We like to say Hockey Joe ships faster than the speed of ice! So switch to Hockey Joe this holiday season and fill up those stockings or put some Hockey Joe under the tree.

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