Weekend Watchlist: Grit and Glory of Hockey in Two Powerful Documentaries

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Looking for some gripping documentaries to watch this weekend? If you're a hockey fan or just enjoy sports in general, then these two titles are sure to captivate your attention.

  1. "The Last Gladiators" (2011) - This documentary is about the role of the enforcer in hockey and the physical and emotional toll it takes on players who occupy this position. It focuses on the career of Chris "Knuckles" Nilan, a former enforcer for the Montreal Canadiens, and includes interviews with other prominent enforcers and hockey personalities.

  2. "The Russian Five" (2018) - This documentary tells the story of the Detroit Red Wings and their pursuit of the Stanley Cup in the late 1990s, led by a group of talented Russian players who revolutionized the sport. It features interviews with former players and coaches, and explores the impact of the players' cultural differences and the challenges they faced in adjusting to the North American game.

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