Hockey Off-Ice Training with Slide Boards

The Benefits of Slide Boarding for Off-Ice Hockey Training

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A slide board is a flat and smooth platform that is typically made of plastic or composite material and is used for off-ice hockey training. It is designed to mimic ice, allowing players to practice their skills and techniques without the need for an actual ice rink.

Slide boarding has a number of benefits for off-ice hockey training:

  1. Improved balance and stability: Slide boarding requires the player to maintain balance and stability while sliding, which can help to improve these skills when they are on the ice.

  2. Increased leg strength: The sliding motion requires a lot of leg strength, especially in the muscles used for skating. This can help to improve leg strength and endurance for when the player is on the ice.

  3. Enhanced cardiovascular fitness: Slide boarding is an aerobic workout that can help to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, which is important for the demands of ice hockey.

  4. Improved coordination and reaction time: The sliding motion requires good coordination and quick reaction times, which can help to improve these skills when the player is on the ice.

  5. Convenience: Slide boarding allows players to practice their skills and techniques without the need for an actual ice rink, making it a convenient and accessible form of off-ice hockey training.

The cost of a slide board for hockey training can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the size and materials used in the construction, and the brand or manufacturer. On average, slide boards can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 or more.

Overall, slide boarding is an excellent way for hockey players to stay in shape, improve their skills, and maintain their edge when they are off the ice and it's a Hockey Joe favorite.

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