3 pack low cost hockey tape
12 pack low cost hockey tape
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3 pack low cost hockey tape
12 pack low cost hockey tape
30 pack low cost hockey tape

Low Cost Black Cloth Hockey Tape

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Hey there, tape connoisseurs! Are you tired of the same ol' thick and clunky hockey tapes? Well, here's a lighter, sleeker option for you: Hockey Joe's budget-friendly black hockey tape from the low-cost series. Perfect for those who crave a more delicate touch on their sticks!

With this nifty tape, you can also create a comfy knob that'll make your stick feel like an extension of your hand. I mean, that's what I use! And guess what? We've ditched the sticky double-sided grip tape (yuck!) in favor of a more natural approach. As Hockey Joe says, "Just do a better job holding onto your stick, will ya?" 😎

Behold the specs:

  • 1" of pure width and 66 feet of taping goodness per roll
  • Crafted from a woven poly-cotton blend (fancy, huh?)
  • Natural rubber adhesive (we're eco-friendly, too!)
  • Classic black (because it never goes out of style)

But wait, there's more! If you secretly crave something thicker and even better than those big-name tapes, then grab our premium black cloth hockey tape. It's the tape of your dreams!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bradley Hansen

This tape is a low cost but delectable alternative to the higher priced branded cloth tapes. The flavor is initially tart with a rich leathery finish. Other brands have an ammonia like tongue hit while this brand has a more crisp citrus like flavor. When my 27 rolls are gone I will be buying more.

Jessica Edwards

Very nice for what I had to do with it

Andy Grudzien
Black tape

Tape is ok, good enough for a price

Erika Kilcher
Perfect for socks

My kids waste tape on socks. Always. This low cost option is perfect.s

Richie Upton
Great tape

Tape seemed to be a bit thin but held up great. My mite2 practiced 3 times with it only having a few tears from skates hitting it also used the hockey joe wax on it with great results!