Remember This One Thing About Hockey Joe This Year

Remember This One Thing About Hockey Joe This Year

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I have an end-of-the-year thank you to all those who supported Hockey Joe this year. I originally started a few years back ( and switched everything to, including an entirely new tape series. Hockey, sports, and business is a devotion of mine.

If anything, I just want you to remember this about us in 2021; Hockey Joe and its divisions kept right on going without your hard-working, tax-payer bailout money these past two years (PPP, which was 100% forgiven to my competitors) Even a UK owned hockey tape manufacture received close to 4 million. I don't mind fair competition, and that's not it. It wasn't easy, but we did without govt help. It's called a rainy day fund. I've been in an underdog position before, which greatly motivates me. So look out for a lot more of Hockey Joe in these coming years and in your local pro shop.

The hockey community was the only support my companies needed, and we all worked tirelessly for it. Look up your favorite hockey tape, equipment company, or organization 👉 Search forgiven PPP bailout money. Get out and support your local pro shop today.

We also have a new mini but MIGHTY Monday giveaway on our Instagram. It's in its first week. Look for the current weekly giveaway post and enter. Every Monday, we will have winners that'll receive wax, tape, and a magnificent looking magnet of Hockey Joe for the fridge.

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