Hockey Joe Knows Hockey Wax

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Hockey Joe, a man so true,
Knows all about hockey wax, it's true.
He sells it with a smile so bright,
Bringing joy to players day and night.

His hockey wax, the best around,
Keeps sticks ready, never a letdown.
With just a swipe, a glide so smooth,
Players feel like they're on their groove.

From amateur to pro, they all come,
To Hockey Joe, for his hockey wax and fun.
He gives advice and shares his tricks,
Making sure each player's stick does the trick.

So if you're looking for some hockey wax,
Come see Hockey Joe, he'll give you the facts.
He'll set you up with the best,
So you can take your game to the next.

Hockey Joe, a man so wise,
When it comes to hockey wax, he's the prize.
He's always there to lend a hand,
Helping players take their game to a new stand.

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