Frozen Fury: A Hockey Anthem

Frozen Fury: A Hockey Anthem

Posted by Hockey Joe on

On the frozen sheet we glide,
With sticks in hand and skates tied,
The sound of blades, a symphony,
As we play our game of hockey, furiously.

The puck is flying, fast and true,
We chase it down, me and you,
With every pass, and every shot,
Our hearts are racing, we cannot stop.

We crash the boards and fight for space,
Our bodies lean, our strides replace,
The grace of dance with raw desire,
For victory, a raging fire.

But it's not just about the win,
The game itself, we let it in,
It's in our blood, our hearts and soul,
A love we'll never let grow old.

So here we stand, on this rink,
With smiles on faces, hearts that think,
Of nothing more, than just this game,
Playing hockey, our joy, our fame.

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