Free Hockey Tape and Joe on Social

Free Hockey Tape and Joe on Social

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We always enjoy connecting with the hockey community online, and we try making it as personal and exciting as possible. We like telling the truth, speaking our minds, and trying our hardest to post interesting stuff. That's why you will never find us outsourcing our social media postings to marketers who have no connection with what they publish. Also, we don't schedule our posts. In my opinion, that's very impersonal and very bot-like spam. We prefer to connect in real-time with you. Hockey Joe and all of us here would like to take this time to thank our followers, and we hope to see you more often in the future as we grow.


Free Hockey Tape and Stick Wax Giveaway

Don't forget our weekly Instagram giveaway. It's new, and there's a good chance you can receive some free hockey tape, stick wax, and a magnificent looking magnet of Hockey Joe for the fridge in your mailbox. Please have a look at our Instagram account and enter. The post sits alone and quiet with no entries most days! So please stop by and say hi, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter below to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.


Get Free Hockey Joe Stuff

Free hockey stick wax samples (currently out of stock at the time of this blog post but sign up for the newsletter below or follow Joe on Facebook to get notified of stock updates)

Free 4" die-cut decal and our brochure


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