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100% Donated Ukraine Flag Candle and Stick Wax

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Ukraine Donation

There is no better feeling than spending the last couple of weeks making Ukrainian flag candles and hockey stick wax to support, in my small way, the largest humanitarian refugee effort in Europe since WWII. The Ukraine Red Cross receives 100% of the profit.

Many thanks for all the purchases so far. All of us here are genuinely thankful for that. Please keep us busy making these. I hope we can keep this going for weeks to come.

We ask you to please declare and peacefully protest your support for the freedom-loving people of Ukraine in this unprovoked Russian invasion into a democracy. I have a personal family connection with Kyiv, Ukraine, and I wish them peace.

(April update) I've been busy 🧪perfecting my soap-making skills and have created a vibrant blue and yellow hockey puck-sized Ukrainian flag soap.

(June update) We want to share an email we received today from the heroes at the Ukraine Red Cross on the 111th day of the war. Click here to read it and keep up the support.

Thank you,
Hockey Joe and the team

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