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This site is only made possible by the hockey community and people like you reading this. So we would like your continued support. All of us here would like to ask you to share Hockey Joe with your friends, family, and inside the hockey community and request a free sticker and brochure. We sincerely appreciate your interest in spreading the Hockey Joe brand online and in person. And remember, Hockey Joe didn't take your taxpayer money. One thing to remember about Hockey Joe in 2021. Please read it before choosing where to spend your money.

Why Switch To and Share Hockey Joe?


  1. Stop taping your stick with heavy and soggy big-box and toothless brands. Hockey Joe's hockey tape is not too heavy, not too light; it's just right. It's what the pros should prefer and will eventually.
  2. Hockey Joe hockey wax is sealant protection perfection! It's not just for Hockey sticks either. We have specialty wax blends for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and even bull riding! It's all made by Hockey Joe in his hockey wax laboratory.
  3. Check out our many other products, including hockey pucks; they are what we like to describe as vulcanized perfection.
  4. And most importantly, Hockey Joe wants the help of the hockey community, not the taxpayers of the entire United States.

A Personal Message From Joe


There are behemoths in every industry online. How that happened is up for discussion. For example, that stereotypical missing tooth, black eye hockey player logo in every pro shop is distasteful to newcomers of the sport, which we need every season. Dental care, it's no laughing matter. Avoid tooth loss. And always skate with your head up, no matter what.


If you're a newcomer and parent to a mite just starting, Hockey can and is the most enjoyable game to play and watch on planet Earth. And lastly, the competitiveness, athletics of the sport and the people you meet will benefit you for a lifetime. It's similar to learning to ride a bike; you never forget and lose your skating skills. Speaking of that, these days, I play what I like calling the senior retirement league, and now and then, a newcomer who hasn't skated in years will take about 5 seconds for that skill to reboot. I absolutely love seeing that. I want to end with this; I would like to thank you for sharing the Hockey Joe brand. I'm genuinely thankful for that.


So share Hockey Joe today and request a free 4" die-cut sticker and brochure. There sent out every two weeks.


Sincerely, the Hockey Joe team.