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Cool sticker

Love my Hockey Joe sticker. Put it on my son's mirror.

My son did not like the color on his tape

It comes in different colors, so you can color-coordinate if you like.

Free Hockey Joe Sticker
Alberto Cazares
thank you for this cool sticker!

I love this sticker!

Free Hockey Joe Sticker

Great Stickers - thanks!

Very generous stickers provided - many thanks!

Love it

Thanks great !

Best Box Ever

This was like the never ending box of goodies. Instead of having to buy stuff here and there. It’s all in one box! Not only did my boys have the biggest smile on their face. It saved me time and money!! And we loved the extra samples. Thank you!!

Phenomenal review. Thanks, Jennifer, for a Father's Day surprise in our inbox this morning.

Free Hockey Wax Samples
Clint Hagmaier
Not quite what I expected

When they said they would send a sample I just was not expecting a sliver. But overall it doesn’t have a pleasant smell & it sticks to your hands. If you want your tape job, your hands, your clothes, your gear to become red from the wax… well then you are in for a treat.

To stick is the point!. Keep up the hard work. Coaching can sometimes be challenging. Is this by chance you? The Worst Team in Hockey-->

Good stuff

Beautiful candle

Really nice candle with a grey meaning. Scent is nice too! Good work.


My twins it they love hockey 🏒

Hockey Stick Beeswax
Isibeal Smedley
It’s the bees knees of waxes

The buzz is worth it, this smells just like beehive full of honey. The wax is easy to apply to freshly taped stick and kept the ice build up to a minimum and the puck just stuck to the stick for perfect control.

Phenomenal review and feedback! Thank you, Hockey Joe

Ukraine Candle

Lovely candle. We've ordered many as we pray for peace


dope sticker, thanks!

Free Hockey Wax Samples
Mike Garbinski

Thanks HockeyJoe

My little cousin that plays hockey will love this!

Free Hockey Joe Sticker
Jennifer L Hahn
Let's do this

Thank you


Thank You

Thank you

Great sticker!!

Thank you!

Great Hockey Joe sticker for this Joe!


Thanks for the awesome sticker!


Thank you from Minnesota, the hockey capital!🏒

Free Hockey Joe Sticker!!!

Thanks so much for the awesome sticker!!

Can't wait to put the sticker on my laptop, and the wax will go to my nephew!