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Hockey Joe Phone Holder Giveaway

Best stuff out there !!

Love when our tape order comes in!!

Best tape in the business !!

Hockey Joe is the only stop for our tape needs !! So strong and durable

Give it a try

Haven’t tried it yet, but everything arrived and looks like it’s decent product. The price was definitely right on this stuff.

Low Cost White Cloth Hockey Tape

Free Hockey Tape
Brian Myers
Tough Tape

This is the first time I have used Hockey Joe, and man is this stuff strong. Try to give it a tear and see for yourself.

Great tape and the team really likes it

Free Hockey Tape
Amber Gonzalez

I haven't gotten my tape yet, but I really hope I do and that it is very good quality

Great company

I have gotten some samples and my family bought some things from this company before, and I know they have great quality items! While I have not gotten this yet, I am absolutely sure it will be the same amazing quality as other things from this company!

Free Hockey Wax Samples
Amber Gonzalez

Great wax! Applies to hockey equipment easily and has a great smell!

Free Hockey Joe Sticker

Phone holder

The phone holder is great and serves its purpose greatly. Also looks cool on the desk

Great wax

Smells great. Seems to be a high quality wax. Have used it several times.

100% Donated Ukraine Flag Candle
Elaine B Hendrickson

100% Donated Ukraine Flag Candle

Elaine, thank you again for the feedback and your past Ukraine donation candle order. It made our day extra special and still is!


I was very satisfied and happy to help. I also placed another order.

Cecilia, thank you for the 5-star rating and review. We will never forget ALL your Ukraine donation candle orders! Sincerely Hockey Joe

Beautiful Candle

Vivid and brute colors. I love it!

Trish, we haven't forgotten that you made our day extra special with your recent candle order! Sincerely, Hockey Joe and the team

Shin Pad Hockey Tape
Mohterem Masri
Great tape!

Love the tape I purchased. Will definitely be buying again.

Looks awesome!

Heard about this sticker from a dear friend, and was so glad when it came in the mail. Stuck it to one of my journals and it is now decorated to my satisfaction.


I know it was a donation but I thought the candle would be a little bigger.

Thank you for the review, and I value all feedback! In addition to our 4 oz., there's an 8 and 12 oz.

100% Donated Ukraine Flag Candle

Free Sticker and Wax Samples

Thank you Hockey Joe! Extremely fast shipping on the freebie goodies, too!


Good wax usually last me couple good skates before I have to put more on

Excellent Service

Excellent Service... Great Cause... Thank You For Your Generosity To Ukraine!!

Jeffrey, thank you for the 5-star ratings and reviews. We will never forget ALL your Ukraine donation candle orders!


It is a treasure and my kiddo was happy for sure thank you