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Hockey Fundraising

Many parents get introduced to ice hockey for the first time through the school. Well, congratulations, your little skater picked the most expensive youth sport to play, but worth every penny in the long run. Your basic hockey equipment costs alone are upwards of $600, not to mention ice skating lessons, league fees, and the big one, ice-time costs. Yearly playing costs can average up to $7,000 and up. Youth hockey travel teams can far surpass that, which is why you need team fundraising. You may be surprised just how much fundraising can offset the team's yearly costs by reaching out to people at games and having special events.

Hockey Fundraising Products


The idea of fundraising may be straightforward, but what to use for fundraising is not. Hockey Joe has that covered. And with team logo customization options if you prefer. Hockey Joe recommends low-cost and simple items for fundraising. We have just the right products for that with our Mini Joe and standard size line of candles. It's seen a lot of success in fundraising in the past. You can simply order them with our logo or have us customize them with yours.



A simple, low-cost customized candle makes for good fundraising in my experience. That's where our Mini Joe and the standard-size line of candles really shine. Both candles are customizable with your logo. The standard-sized candles come in cherry and banana scents, and the Mini Joe candles are cherry scented.



Need bulk quantity pricing? Contact Hockey Joe below with your request or any questions. So don't overcomplicate your fundraising. Just go with Hockey Joe for it. And remember, it's never too early or late to start.