Our 400th Ukraine Candle Donated

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Ukraine Candle

I can't believe I just poured my 400th 🇺🇦 Ukraine flag candle. There is no better feeling than helping out the humanitarian effort in Ukraine in our small way here at HockeyJoe.com. For a small candle-making operation, we are very proud of our 400th!

Keep me busy making these. We have no plans on slowing down but speeding up into the summer! And again, thank you to those that have purchased. It would not be possible without your generosity. Please share us within your community and online so we can keep this going for as long as possible. That would mean a lot to us here.

As a reminder, The Ukraine Red Cross receives 100% of the profit. Our candle-making operation is strictly for raising money to help the freedom-loving citizens of Ukraine that need immediate help. And I'm hoping it raises at least some awareness here in the United States about the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since WW2.

Thank you, Hockey Joe and the team

4 oz Ukraine Candle
16 oz Ukraine Candle
Ukraine Hockey Stick Wax

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