Joe Wants Your Feedback and an Update on Our Ukraine Effort

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Update on our Ukraine humanitarian effort

It's been over a month now making our Ukrainian flag candles and stick wax to raise money for the humanitarian effort in Europe, and we're still going Joe Strong with no plans of slowing down. However, raising money for the humanitarian effort in Ukraine is now against Google's ad policy, and we have drastically slowed down here because of that. Shame on Google for deleting our ads. They are the only advertising company doing this that we know.

We are awestruck by the number of stick wax and candles we have been shipping out to help in our small way. I want to send a special thank you to everyone who purchased. I hope to keep it going—no better feeling than helping out the Red Cross in Ukraine. Sadly the Red Cross building was bombed today in Mariupol, Ukraine, by Russian forces making the humanitarian effort even worse. It appears that the building was clearly marked and purposely targeted. After hearing about this, we must say that we are even more motivated to raise money here.

For those interested in purchasing, please read our related blog post. The Ukrainian Red Cross receives 100% of the profit.

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